Transforming Diagnostics


Ninth Sense is solving the problem that is, and will continue to be, the major barrier to adoption of personalized medicine: achieving simple, cost-effective diagnostic testing at the point-of-care that fits into the current clinical workflow. To address this need, we are developing a platform that will enable advanced, diagnostics for the doctor’s office and clinic. At the heart of this platform is our proprietary silicon nanosensor technology with tremendous multiplexing capability. Our IP-protected technology solves the scalability difficulties of traditional nanosensors by harnessing semiconductor manufacturing and assembly techniques. These features empower chip-based sensors that will power a wide array of sophisticated point-of-care diagnostics solutions.

Ninth Sense is initially focusing on diseases with clinically well-validated markers, and where currently available tests either now need to be sent to reference labs or available point-of-care tests are of inadequate multiplexing capabilities to meet the needs of clinicians. 

Our Vision:

Even today, there are tests that can help guide optimal therapy that are not used as widely as they should be. Because, they are only available in central labs that cannot provide an answer while the patient is in front of the physician.  In the future, as the scientific promise of personalized medicine is realized, this problem will only become more acute.  Physicians will require diagnostics that indicate which drugs will work, or which drugs have side effects for a given patient - before the patient leaves their office with a prescription. Ninth Sense provides the enabling technology to make this a reality.


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